I got an offer a couple weeks ago. I was having lunch with a few friends from UNT (University of North Texas), and they started talking about this group called the Vocal Majority. Intrigued, I asked a little more about it. The VM is one of the nation’s largest a cappella men’s choirs, and just so happens to be less than 30 minutes away from my school. They’ve been all over the world, recorded dozens of CD’s and have a reputation that precedes them well.

At the time, I thought they were just being polite when they asked me to come sit in on a rehearsal. But then, another friend Marcus brought it up again later that week at the gym. So I thought, OK…these guys must be serious!

Last night, I sat in on a VM rehearsal (4+ hours!) and I was blown away. The group demonstrates their love of music with each and every phrase, and worked diligently to express each song with as much heart as possible. They are preparing for a featured performance this summer at the 2015 International Barbershop Convention in Pittsburgh, PA. They have big shoes to fill, as they took home 1st place at the same convention last year. In between sets, I got a chance to talk with several VM members and found their passion for music rivaled only by their close brotherhood with each other.

This experience got me thinking. The most frustrating, beautiful part about life is that we spend so much time stuck in our routine, heads-down and completely uninspired. Then, all of the sudden, everything changes in a single moment, making life joyful and completely original again. It could be finding love, pushing past old breaking points or simply being part of something greater than yourself.

But here’s the thing about new possibilities. They’re scary. So embrace that, knowing that everyone faces the same challenge of overcoming that little voice of doubt inside their head (Who’s excited for Pixar’s Inside Out). In fact, most people are too deep in their own struggles to realize that opportunity abounds all around us. So, share your joy. There’s a difference between having joy, and celebrating it. And today, more than ever, we have a responsibly to celebrate and lift up those we love, and all those we are called to love.

With 300,000+ views, keep scrolling to watch the Vocal Majority’s version of “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley. I hope you enjoy and hopefully soon you’ll see my smiling face up there!

’til next time,


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